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Browse Available Papers

The Browse Available Papers function provides users the ability to examine this entire collection for specific newspaper titles or dates.

The browse function can be utilized simply by clicking on the "Browse Available Papers" tab that appears at the top of most pages. Clicking on the tab will take the user to the browsing screen, where they can select from two different browsing options:

These options provide users with an efficient way to identify papers that they are interested in, in addition to the ability to verify titles included in the archive and the dates contained within each title's collection.

Browse by Publication Date

The Browse By Date feature allows users to verify that a certain date or time period is covered by the newspapers in our collection. The date values allow users to see the titles in this collection that fall within the date ranges they specify. They can browse by date by utilizing the dropdown boxes pictured below:

Screenshot of Browse by Publication Date

As shown above, the Browse by Date tool provides three options to choose from.

  1. Exact Date Choose this option, enter a date and click browse. This will give you all of the newspapers from the date you have chosen.
  2. Between Dates Choose this option, then enter a beginning date and an end date. This will give you the newspapers available between this time period.
  3. Between Years Choose this option, then select a beginning year and an end year. This will give you the newspapers available between the years you have selected.
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Browse by Publication Title

Browse by Publication Title is an easy-to-use feature that allows users to quickly identify the titles in this collection. These values can be entered by using the dropdown boxes pictured below. (Note: Some archives may only have one title in their collection.)

Screenshot of Browse by Publication Title
Happy Browsing!

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