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Printing a Newspaper Page

The Adobe PDF Viewer Toolbar can be found at the top of the newspaper viewer and provides you tools to zoom, print, save, and search a newspaper page. If you are viewing a newspaper page and you do not see the Adobe PDF Viewer toolbar, try clicking on the newspaper page and then hitting "F8" on your keyboard.

Adobe PDF Viewer Toolbar

Printing a Full Newspaper Page

To print the full newspaper page you are viewing, simply click the printer icon Adobe Printer Icon from the Adobe PDF Viewer Toolbar. This will bring up your printer settings and then allow you to print the entire newspaper page.

Printing Part of a Newspaper Page

First click on the "snapshot tool" Adobe Snapshot Tool Icon within Adobe Reader and select the area on the newspaper page you wish to print. A message that says "The selected area has been copied to the Clipboard" should appear (unless this message has been turned off in your Adobe settings). Then, click on the printer icon Adobe Printer Icon to print the selected page. You may have a print preview screen that will also show the portion of the newspaper page to be printed.

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