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Search Techniques

This archive contains thousands of newspaper pages, yet the search tools make it quick and easy to find pertinent information. We recommend beginning your search with broad terms and then refining it.

Quick Search

The quick search can be performed from most pages within this archive. This feature will search for your keyword across the entire database and return the results with the most relevant results first.

Screenshot of the Quick Search

You can perform phrased searching with the quick search by including quotations. For instance, entering the name Adam Smith into the quick search box will return results for occurrences of the name Adam as well as the name Smith. If you enter "Adam Smith" into the quick search box, it will return results where both names appear next to each other.

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Advanced Search

The advanced search option is a far more powerful tool for researchers due to the added parameters that allow you to narrow your search.

Our advanced search function allows searches for key words or phrases in four different ways:

  • With all the words
  • With the exact phrase
  • With at least one of the words or,
  • Without the words
Keywords Tutorial Screenshot

The advanced search also takes care of search operators for you, so there is no need to enter quotation marks for exact match searches on phrases and names.

This search option also allows you to set the date range that you wish to search in by selecting from the following options:

  • All Dates
  • Exact Date
  • Between Years
Tutorial Publication Date Screenshot

By narrowing the date range you are searching, you can automatically eliminate content from specific dates. There is obviously no need to see results from 1825 when you are searching for something that happened in 1925.

The next feature of the advanced search limits your search by publication title. To refine your search by title, simply select a title from the drop down menu.
Note: Some archives may only have one title in their collection.

Tutorial Publication Title

Finally,the advanced search tool also provides additional settings that allow you to choose the number of results to display on each page and the option to search only front pages.

Tutorial Additional Settings on Advanced Search
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